Measurements – 16 Aug ’18

Ok I missed measuring myself last week as we were in the middle of a move.  We’re in, not quite settled as there are still boxes all over the place.  Moving is tough 🙂 So it’s just under a fortnight and here’s my new measurements.  Again using the bathroom scales and the calliper – Accu Measure Fitness 3000 Personal Body Fat Tester.

Weight – 18st 4lb (give or take a lb as the scales are very temperamental)
Chest – 19mm
Abdomen – 31mm
Thigh – 19mm

Running it through the Weight Trainer – 3-Point Bodyfat/Lean Body Mass Calculator‘ again.  I have 23.3% body fat percentage and estimated lean body mass of 196lb (14 st)

So weight down, body fat percentage up.  Hmmmm.  Over the last fortnight, I’ve been eating quite a bit of stir frys, with soy sauce as flavouring.  I noticed that this has some sugar in it, so I have stopped that over the last few days.  I have also been picking a bit on nuts in between meals.  Meals have been a bit erratic due to the move.  So I will see if cutting down on the snacking and now stopping using soy sauce will help.  But still going down weight wise and the variation in body fat is not that much.  I’ll keep on doing this and see how it goes.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone who reads this to see how they’re measuring their progress.