Up to now I’ve been using the single measurement of weight to gauge my progress.  (I’ve also had a bit of a blunter measurement in terms of trouser size – 44 -> 38 at the moment)  But while, I do need to lose weight, the aim is body fat and fitness.  So I stumped out for a calliper – Accu Measure Fitness 3000 Personal Body Fat Tester.  And this Friday morning I weighed myself, 18st 9lb, and then did a quick 3 point measurement – Chest (21mm), Abdomen (31mm), and Thigh (11mm)  and ran it through the ‘Weight Trainer – 3-Point Bodyfat/Lean Body Mass Calculator‘ – which calculated 21.7% body fat percentage and estimated lean body mass is 203lb (14st 7lb)  I’ll be measuring this over the next few weeks to see if it gives me a better gauge of my progress and reporting the results here.