Polly put the kettle on…

As I said a little earlier, I’ve been stalled a little.  And to push myself past this plateau, I have joined a gym.  It’s been going well but I know that there are going to be some weeks when it’s going to be tough to fit in the time.  This week is one in particular, with our local air show snagging up the traffic near my gym making it difficult to get there.

Reading through the 4 hour body again, and Tim’s blog I noticed that the kettlebell swing played a strong part in the physical regime.  So I stumped up for one in Amazon – with a little feeling of guilt for the driver who had to deliver it :-).  It came a week or so ago.

20kg of brushed metal.

Following on from Tim’s article, I’ve been attempting 75 reps (in smaller sets 20, 15 and 10 – until I reach 75) a couple of times a week.  Having it at home has helped to keep me focused when I can’t reach the gym.  It’s early to notice any change other than a general feeling that it’s getting slightly easier.  Over the following weeks I’ll increase my sub-rep size towards the goal of 75 in one go, and I’ll keep you up with the progress and the impact.